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Our Staff

Our skilled staff are trained to meet the educational and social needs of your children and participate in ongoing professional development. Our senior childcare staff all have formal qualifications in Early Childhood Education.

Our centre’s staff-to-child ratio is a maximum of 8 children per staff member. Our ratio for the under 3’s area is one staff member to 5!

kidsfirst fiji Staff
Krystle Stoddart-Buksh
Litiana Bradburgh.jpg
Litiana Bradburgh
Lisa Lesivou
Sarah Prestidge.jpg
Sarah Prestidge
Ethan Buksh
Akeneta Waqanitoga.jpg
Akeneta Waqanitoga
Concepta Bogi.jpg
Concepta Bogi
Losana Tabuanitoga.jpg
Losana Tabuanitoga
Nafiza Ali-V.jpg
Nafiza Ali-V
Shazna Shah.jpg
Shazna Shah
Vani Vuetaki
Samantha McGoon
Patricia Nakanacagi
Michelle Ravai
Faiza Bibi.jpg
Faiza Bibi
Amele Marama.jpg
Amele Marama
Esita Lobe.jpg
Esita Lobe
Mere Momota.jpg
Mere Momota
Ro Lewakikau Loaloa.jpg
Ro Lewakikau Loaloa
Sunayna Sundar.jpg
Sunayna Sundar
Sian Samuel.jpg
Sian Samuel
Juaneeta Kumar
Adi Lalabalavu
Ana Dauniika
Sita Rauve
Anuresh Baran
Ledua Vakaloloma.jpg
Ledua Vakaloloma
Mereani Tinai.jpg
Mereani Tinai
Sera Leni.jpg
Sera Leni
Venisita Ranuve.jpg
Venisita Ranuve
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