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About Us


We believe in the Importance of Quality Care and Education of your little one and cater to children aged 3 months to 8 years old! 


Our Early Learning Philosophy

The early childhood years have a large influence on a child’s learning potential and ongoing intellectual, physical, emotional and cultural development.

At kidsfirst fiji, children have the opportunity to play, learn, explore and grow through free play and structured experiences based on children’s developing interests and unique potential.


We view children as competent and confident learners and through this we encourage children to learn and develop at their own pace in a safe and caring environment.

At kidsfirst fiji we have warm caring staff with a welcoming homely atmosphere where we work in partnership with our families and the community.


kidsfirst fiji  welcomes all cultures in our community giving all children and families a sense of belonging within our environment.


Our Early Learning Childcare Centres

kidsfirst fiji is not just a place of work, it’s our passion. We take pride in our centre, and we would like to help you make the right childcare decision for your child, so please ask us if you have questions which are not answered below.



Educational Programme

Our educational programmes are planned to encourage children to become active learners which will assist them to acquire the skills needed for later formal education. Our programme is based on , the early childhood curriculum and Na Noda Mataniciva; an approach that promotes collaborative, credit-based narrative assessments of children’s development.


Programmes are tailored to the development needs of the different ages and interests of the children attending the Centre. As children near school age, additional programmes are available to assist in their transition to primary school. Flexibility exists to cater for each child’s individual needs.

We ensure activities cover the seven essential learning areas of: Science, Language, Physical Health, Social Sciences, Technology, Mathematics, and the Arts.


Activities and Learning Opportunities

Days are structured to include directed activities and free play. Your child will enjoy a range of educational and fun activities including:

  • Formal group activities

  • Dramatic play

  • Manipulative play-puzzles, blocks, construction and carpentry

  • Nature, science experiments and exploration

  • Sand and water play

  • Adventure play

  • Physical outdoor play

  • Books, stories and puppetry

  • Music making, dance and Meke.

  • Language and social development through conversation

  • A range of creative and visual arts-collage, painting, art, dough and baking

Our daily ‘centre of interest’, with aims and objectives, will be displayed at the Centre. Please watch out for these and take a little time each week to read them and discuss the activities with your child.

Learning Outcomes

At kidsfirst fiji, your child will be able to:

  • Take responsibility and make choices

  • Practise sharing and co-operation with others

  • Learn maths concepts in all areas of the Centre

  • Develop and maintain relationships with adults

  • Become independent but not afraid to ask for help

  • Begin to learn to write by drawing and painting

  • Develop research skills

  • Develop eco-awareness

  • Develop their social consciousness through empathy and communication

  • Discover that reading and writing is done from left to right, top to bottom and that each printed word represents a spoken word

  • Join in with singing, puppetry, games and experience music and movement

  • Experience cultural awareness


We currently have two Centres, one on the corner of Denison and Duncan Road, Suva and another at 24 Baravi Road, Wailoaloa, Nadi. Our Centres have indoor and outdoor play areas specifically designed to meet the needs of our children whilst enjoying the homely feel of a residential setting. 


Facilities provided include:

  • A generous outdoor playground 

  • A covered indoor play area

  • Sleep Rooms

  • Flower gardens encouraging children’s interaction

  • Vegetable gardens for herbs and edible vegetables (cared for by the children)


Healthy, Nutritious Meals & Drinks

At kidsfirst fiji we believe that every child should have sufficient healthy food and drink. We have a water only drink policy.

It can be extremely hard to convince our little ones to eat breakfast when they first wake up and nobody wants to send children off hungry, so we offer an optional ‘Breakfast Club’ service for parents who need to drop off children early in the mornings. A simple ‘cereal, yogurt and milk’ style breakfast can be provided for a small additional daily charge.

A menu board will be on display. Menus are designed with help from our children to be appealing, healthy and nutritious. Choices are varied to encourage children’s exploration of different foods – fresh fruit and vegetables, chicken, fish, sandwiches, muffins, pikelets, etc. If your child has special dietary requirements we are happy to help. We also happily cater for children who are vegetarian or have special dietary needs.


Operating and Attendance Hours

Hours of operation are from 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday except for statutory holidays. We do not follow a Term Structure except for our Kindergarten and Primary Program.

Our centre offers full time day care and sessional times which you can view here. Attendance hours can generally be arranged to suit your needs.



Upcoming Events:

May 2019
kidsfirst fiji fun day.

We will be holding our 2019 kidsfirst fiji Fun Day in May.
We would love to see all there.

Please stay tuned for more information closer to the date.

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