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Our Programme

Our educational programmes are planned to encourage children to become active learners which will assist them to acquire the skills needed for later formal education. Our programme is based on Na Noda Mataniciva, the Fiji Early Childhood curriculum; with an approach that promotes collaborative, credit-based narrative assessments of children’s development.

Activities and Learning Opportunities


Days are structured to include directed activities and free play. Your child will enjoy a range of educational and fun activities including:

  • Formal group activities
  • Dramatic play
  • Manipulative play-puzzles, blocks, construction and carpentry
  • Nature, science experiments and exploration
  • Sand and water play
  • Adventure play
  • Physical outdoor play
  • Books, stories and puppetry
  • Music making, dance and songs
  • Language and social development through conversation
  • A range of creative and visual arts-collage, painting, art, dough and baking


Our daily ‘topics of interest’, with aims and objectives, will be displayed at the Centre. Please watch out for these and take a little time each week to read them and discuss the activities with your child.

Learning Outcomes


At kidsfirst, your child will be able to:

  • Take responsibility and make choices
  • Practise sharing and co-operation with others
  • Learn maths concepts in all areas of the Centre
  • Develop and maintain relationships with adults
  • Become independent but not afraid to ask for help
  • Begin to learn to write by drawing and painting
  • Develop research skills
  • Develop eco-awareness
  • Develop their social consciousness through empathy and communication
  • Discover that reading and writing is done from left to right, top to bottom and that each printed word represents a spoken word
  • Join in with singing, puppetry, games and experience music and movement
  • Experience cultural awareness


Transition to Primary School - Graduation!

Preparing for School, Preparing for Life


Moving on to primary school is a significant milestone for each child and their family, and early childhood education plays an important part in the success of that transition from early to middle childhood. As early childhood educators, our role is not only to specifically prepare children for school, but to prepare them for everything they encounter in life beyond kidsfirst fiji, and moving on to primary school is a big part of that.

What makes a successful transition to school? Being ready for school means so much more than knowing the alphabet and counting to ten, there are a myriad of skills children need, to truly be ready to thrive and grow in those early months and years at school. To be able to write their own name, to have a basic understanding of the decimal system with counting and simple adding, to recognise the letters of the alphabet and know each sound rather than just the name of each letter, to be able to use scissors, to have developed pencil control, to be able to express an idea, ask a question, risk an answer and follow an instruction. To have the confidence and social skills to make new friends, to have the resilience to overcome challenges, to have the independence to manage their own clothes, lunch and belongings, these are all important skills that once acquired allow children to make the most of every learning experience and opportunity beyond our centre. Most of all, we strive to ensure that every child in our care learns to love learning, to find joy and satisfaction in uncovering learning in all aspects of the curriculum. These are the goals of parents, and here at kidsfirst fiji they are our goals too, that as each child leaves our fold we say farewell knowing that they are well prepared, that their future is bright.

While we have our own goals, the most important goals to us are the goals of parents and family! We want to know what each parent wants for their child, what their own goals and aspirations are so that we can best support each child's development in line with their parents' needs for them.  

At kidsfirst fiji we have gifted teachers, with a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for their work with children. They are experts, but none can know more about a child than that child's parents, therefore at kidsfirst fiji; parents are valued as skilled experts, and parent input will always be sought and acted on.

 Our main goal is to ensure that children leave our centre prepared not just for school, but for life.

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